Benefits Of Our Products For Elite Sport

See how Kymira's bio-responsive and bio-tracking products benefit elite sport organisations and athletes in a professional workflow.


Why it matters
Asset management is vital in ensuring a club’s success over a gruelling season. Whether it’s a short, medium, or long-term rehabilitation programme; reducing recovery time and having as many fit and healthy athletes on the field at any given time is the goal for optimum team performance.

KYMIRA® technology accelerates the RTP timeline by starting the rehabilitation process faster and continuing the effects for longer  – it’s the glue that holds the multidisciplinary rehab approach together.

Wearing KYMIRA® provides remote rehabilitation. Just by wearing the clothing, players can recover, even away from the treatment table.

How it works
Infrared exposure activates cellular repair and replication mechanisms, accelerating recovery in terms of direct injury rehab, as well as enhancing regular recovery protocols; with studies showing the same infrared light spectrum as used in KYMIRA®, increasing cellular healing by 140-210%, which rapidly supporting soft tissue repair.

With practitioners and athletes reporting high programme compliance, the subsequent physiological and economic benefits to any club that introduces KYMIRA® garments as a recovery and rehabilitation technology are a must have in your current workflow.


Why it matters
Increasingly, sleep is becoming one of the highest priority recovery exercises in elite sport – with increase in restful and routine sleep yielding real world performance results.

How it works
Multiple independent studies show using KYMIRA® infrared fabric technologies improve the depth and efficiency of sleep. As the bedrock of recovery, improving sleep cascades to neural, endocrine, and soft tissue recovery, delivering a fresher, more recovered athlete.

A sleep study with student athletes from the University of Texas (UT) found that when wearing KYMIRA®:

  • 15.9% improvement in sleep quality
  • 15.8% reduction in fatigue
  • 13.6% reduction in soreness (only used during sleep)

With the hybridised approach of post training and sleep focussed recovery, UT saw both a physiological and economic upturn in their regime.

Injury Mitigation

Why it matters
KYMIRA® Sport products can reduce the risk of certain injuries from occurring, keeping squad numbers high throughout a season – giving  an element of competitive advantage against the rest of the league.

How it works
Through KYnergy® our product lines prime the muscles prior to performance; boosting muscle elasticity, increasing local circulation and enhancing tissue oxygen levels. This enhanced physiological state has shown to reduce soft tissue injuries by 80% over 5 years in a Tier 1 International Rugby Programme.

Our demonstration video showcases the speed at which these physiological changes can take place with exposure to KYMIRA® increasing and sustaining NO production – 90 mins of exposure to KYnergy® gives 90 min period of increased NO production post garment removal.

Performance -


In game

Why it matters
Increased training output results can expedite physiological gains whether pre-season or within game schedules. Simply put, whilst wearing KYMIRA® products – it is scientifically shown that your athletes increase their power output, reach new endurance levels, and recover in session, with the same perceived amount of fatigue.

No matter how small or big the gains are it can be the difference between winning and losing – and it’s as simple as getting dressed.

How it works
In game, the increased capillarisation and nitric oxide production afforded by KYMIRA® increases your athlete’s capacity to perform at their highest peak for longer periods of time; whilst the in-game recovery effect refuels their tank, enabling them to hit those peaks with greater frequency. They will not suffer the same physical and psychological decline as the effects of fatigue are lessened.

“The first time I saw the effect of the technology I was blown away. Each time I now wear KYMIRA® on the field, I have the edge both mentally and physically”
Dan Norton – Olympic Medallist, Team GB etc) 


Why it matters
Whether it’s reductions in jetlag or better localised blood flow reducing stiffness when travelling; KYMIRA® products have evidenced greater tissue oxygen levels and vasodilation through KYnergy® to reduce these adverse effects. 

How it works
In randomised double blind repeated measures studies, KYMIRA® products increased tissue oxygen levels by up to 20% using a TCPO2 protocol. This increase peaked and was then maintained after 70 minutes of wearing the KYMIRA® products. This compared to other technologies such as a Hyperbaric chamber which only increases it by 10-15% – ideal for longer away trips on the squad calendar.

Furthermore, wearing our products promotes vasodilation in the localized areas, which reduces the chances of DVTs, reduces swelling from lack of movement, as well as offering thermoregulation and comfort benefits, reducing joint and muscle aches.  

“Rapid eastward or westward travel may negatively affect the body in many ways; therefore, strategies should be employed to minimise these effects which may hamper athletic performance.”
Effect of airline travel on performance: a review of the literature (British Journal of Sports Medicine)