Science and Benefits for Sport

At Kymira, we believe in unlocking your human potential. Our bioresponsive technologies seek to regenerate the human in each element of the Infrared Technology Ecosystem.


The performance is where we aim to see the results of the ecosystem in action. Not only is it here where the benefits of the enhanced recovery and preparation are felt, but the Celliant powered fibres also host their own performance enhancing abilities whether in training or competition:

  • Enhanced Body Performance - Endurance, Power, Strength, Flexibility, Mobility
  • Reduce Soreness
  • Fatigue Reduction
  • Thermoregulation


The recovery aspect of our bioresponsive technology is where the major benefits can be seen. Whether working, travelling or even sleeping, Kymira products will accelerate your recovery; allowing you to optimise your body for its next performance, again and again. These recovery benefits include:

  • Exertion Recovery
  • Lactate Recovery
  • DOMS and Soft Tissue Recovery
  • Connective Tissue Recovery
  • Reduced Swelling
  • Improved Sleep


Any athlete, elite or novice will at some point undoubtedly know the frustration of injury. Not only will Kymira products enhance post treatment effects, but the recovery timeline will only accelerate further when the Celliant powered Kymira apparel is paired with a physiotherapy regime.



Whether you’re an elite athlete, fitness enthusiast or occasional gym goer, making sure your body is primed is the key to effective performance. Our Celliant powered apparel, harnesses the power of infrared energy to increase flexibility, local blood supply and prime muscles ready for action.