Infrared Compression Socks

Our Infrared Compression Socks offer not only the technical benefits of Kynergy Infrared technology, but also muscular compression, a known method of improving performance and recovery. The Kynergy Infrared technology in the socks’ fabric has been developed to both boost performance and speed recovery, helping you perform harder, for longer. The infrared technology assists with recovery, as the increased oxygenation of the blood hastens the rate of lactic acid breakdown and removal of waste products from the body. This unique material also promotes cellular repair and replication throughout the body, which helps to minimise Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.



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Combining the benefits of infrared and compression technologies, our compression socks are designed to promote recovery and help to prevent injury. The socks include cushioned heel and toe sections, high-fit ribbed cuffs, and graduated compression bands throughout the calf for support and comfort.